Title Sponsorship

High School Football coverage of 16 regular season games, starting August 31st, and ending on November 9th, 2018. Then subsequent playoff games from November to December.


Coverage includes: Crowley, Arlington Sam Houston, Dunbar, and OD Wyatt


      Audio opening sponsorship mention with tagline on each broadcast intro

      5 to 7 spot rotations per game

      Rotating banner added to (BGCsports.net Football Tonight page) and hyperlinked to your company’s website

      Your logo added to the physical Football Tonight Banner that will be displayed at each game

      6 daily spot rotations on the BGCsports Network during the season

Social Media Push Notifications on Facebook, and  Twitter each Thursday & Friday during the season


Call Darrell Day @ 682 540 1473 or Gentry Little @ 817 925 9824 for pricing




      Pre-Game Show (30 min)

      Halftime Report (20 min)

      Post-Game Show (10 min)


      Opening Kickoff &  2nd Half Kickoff

      Point After Touchdown (P.A.T.) “Extra Point”

      Pick 6

      Field Goals

      Defensive Player of the Game

      Offensive Player of the Game

      Scoreboard Update (2 per half)

      Momentum Shift


Call Darrell Day @ 682 540 1473 or Gentry Little @ 817 925 9824 for pricing


All Sponsorships must be finalized by August 21st, 2018


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