2019-2020 Crowley Eagles

THN (Texas Hoop Night) Broadcast Schedule


Dec. 17th   Crowley Girls at Burleson (*) 6:30


Dec. 20th   Mansfield Legacy Girls at Crowley (*)  4 pm


Jan.    3rd    Seguin G&B at Crowley (*) 3 pm


Jan.    7th    Crowley G&B at Everman (*) 5:30


Jan.  10th    Granbury G&B at Crowley (*) 5:30


Jan.  14th    Crowley G&B at Mansfield-Timberview (*) 5:30


Jan.  17th    Centennial G&B at Crowley (*) 5:30


Jan.  21st    Burleson G&B at Crowley (*) 5:30


Jan.  24th    Crowley G&B at Mansfield Legacy (*) 5:30


Jan.  28th     Crowley G&B at Seguin (*) 5:30


Jan.  31st    Everman G&B at Crowley (*)  5:30


Feb.    4th    Crowley G&B at Granbury (*) 5:30


Feb.    7th   Mansfield Timberview G&B at Crowley (*) 5:30


Feb.  11th   Crowley G&B at Centennial (*) 5:30


Feb.  14th   Crowley Boys at Burleson (*) 6:30


Feb.  18th   Mansfield Legacy Boys at Crowley (*) 7 pm



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